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What is Piadina?

This popular Italian street food is a thin Italian flatbread typically prepared in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. There is a virtually infinite variety of recipes, either passed down from generation to generation or perhaps reinterpreted following the more modern techniques of international cuisine.


We have the "Traditional Piadina" where the dough is made out of flour, water, pure leaf lard and salt.
And we have the "Olive Oil Piadina" where the pure leaf lard is substitute by Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The "Classic Piadina" style is a warm folded over sandwich where you can see and taste all the ingredients through. The perfect piadina is a combination of cold cuts, cheese and greens.


The "Cassoni" style is like a pocket, closed and sealed, remains very cheesy inside. The main ingredient is the mozzarella cheese which is melting with the rest of the ingredients.


The "Piadizza" style is like a pizza, but the crust remains ultra thin and crunchy.


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